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From hiring workers to running mining machinery, this skill allows you to gather different types of ores which can be sold to players. You can also smelt the ores into bars which is used in the crafting skill. The higher your mining level, the rarer types of ores you can mine. This skill is trained by converting ores into XP using an enchanted pickaxe fabricated using the crafting skill.

Smelt your ores into metal bars and craft all sorts of items to help you with your adventure. You can craft boats, furnaces, ovens, tools, machinery and weapons given you have the crafting level. Similarly to mining, crafting is trained by converting metal bars into XP using the enchanted hammer.

Wait for trees to grow on your land and chop them down when they are ready. The higher your level, the better chance of stronger trees to grow which yeild better types of logs and tree seeds. This skill is trained by cutting down trees.

Collect seeds and plant them if you have the right farming level. From planting food to weeds, farming will allow you to grow various types of crops in order to help you advance in the game. You may choose to sell your harvests to other players or use them for yourself. Crops are the primary source of brewing. This skill is trained by harvesting crops.

Mix different types of potions and drink them for temporary buffs. Most ingredients for potion making are obtain from crops harvested from the farming skill. This skill is trained by mixing & drinking potions.

Send your hero to fight different types of enemies in a turn based fight. Some enemies require a better equipment in order to kill them. You can battle chickens, wizards, dragons and much more. Each enemy killed will yeild loot. You can see the drop tables using the drop tables page. This skill is trained by killing enemies.

Find different magic pages which include different chants for spells. Spells can be casted in combat to further damage your enemies or buff your hero. This skill is mainly trained by meditating using the rocks purchased from the magic shop.

Send your boats out or hire a fishermen to catch fish. There are multiple types of fish including shrimp, sardine, trout, swordfish, sharks etc. This skill is trained by catching fish. Catching a higher level fish will grant more fishing xp.

Cook food obtained from farming, fishing or the recipes book. Food can be consumed by your hero to gain energy allowing you to fight stronger enemies. The cooking skill is trained by cooking any type of food. The better the food cooked, the higher the XP rate.