March 9, 2020


DH3 looking nice.
Santa clause finally got tired of the warmth and left.

Hiscores have been fixed in game.

December 18, 2019

Christmas 2019 Event

Christmas event with new sigil.
All previous christmas sigils tradable.
New none-holiday sigil.

A new none-holiday sigil is released.

October 16, 2019

Halloween 2019 Event

The halloween event is over.
Halloween holday sigils now untradable until next year's event.
Egg from Easter 2018

Player who have the egg from the easter event will now be removed.

October 25, 2019

Halloween 2019 Event

The halloween event is now live.
All halloween sigils from previous years are available on the market for trading.
Event ends on November 8th.

Won't give more information for now except that the new sigil can be obtained at any level, good luck!

October 16, 2019

Halloween 2019

The halloween event is almost ready, like always, a new halloween sigil is up for grabs.
All halloween sigils from previous years will be available on the market for trading next patch.
Dragon Skeleton Shield

Has a 1/60 drop rate from the dragon found near farodox's castle.
New monster sigils

Players who have killed 10'000 or more of any monster can now equip its sigil.

Gold armour now tradable once again.
Dragon skeleton shield tradable.
Crafting Filter

Crafting the dragon furnace or oven will fix all crafting filter issues.

May 26, 2019

Master achievements

Speedruns for master achievements now released.
See speedruns here

May 21, 2019

Master achievements

Reduced the requirements for master achievents linked with shooting star and space dust.

May 8, 2019

Easter Event

The easter event has ended.
It's not over

Added More Master Achievements.
New Achievement Perks

Added two sets of master achievements perks. First set is unlocked at 80% and ready. The second set is at 100% and is still the in the works.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where players were getting the dragon oven benefits when they shouldn't have been.
Fixed a bug where the master achievement to grow 4 shiny ancient trees only took 3.

April 19, 2019

Easter Event

The easter egg in the chest has been changed. Those who got it before will not have to find it again.
Easter Event

Fixed a bug where your miner said he found an egg before encountering the easter bunny. The message does not trigger anything and the egg can still be found.
New craftable

New item can be crafted, expect a master achievement to be tied to this.

April 18, 2019


All previous easter holiday items tradable.
Easter Event

Easter event released.
Trawler Master Achievement

Reduced from 1000 to 500.

April 7, 2019

Easter Event

Easter event will start on April 18th and will be available until May 1st.
All previous easter holiday items will be tradable during this time.
Master Achievements

Those who have completed all elite achievements should get a 'clue' note in about 5 minutes of gameplay.
Two new Sigils

Two new sigils has been added to the game.

March 22, 2019

Market Bans

Had to ban players from the market due to breaking the rules and giving an unfair advantage to those who did not cheat.

March 7, 2019

Speed Running

After streaming a couple days ago, I was shown by the viewers an unofficial diamond hunt wiki page which displayed speed run records. The wiki page can be found here.

After a bit of back and fourth, the players asked if it was possible to have an official automatically tracked page in order to have real times. You may found the current records on the hiscores: here.

Sadly the tracking only begins as of today.

March 5, 2019

Elite Quest

Working on a three part elite quest.
Dragon Loot

Added dragon skull to dragon drop table.
Mana Stars

Fixed rock golem and droids not dropping mana stars.

January 25, 2018

Snowman Sigil

Removed from the game, the remaining snow has been converted to random vials of water.
New Craftable

A new high level craftable released.

December 16, 2018


Unfortunately, mobile has bee delayed again towards the end of the week. I am currently having server issues and want to smooth release when the time comes.
Appologies for the delays once again.
Hardcore Accounts

Like donor coins, hardcore accounts may now buy sigils from the player market.
Ultra Sick Cure Potion Buff

Also makes it so your animals can never get sick.
Chrismas 2018 Holiday Event

Snowman sigil is now obtainable.
Obtaining gifts from chests no longer uses one of your chest slots.

December 15, 2018

Podcast #5

Diamond Hunt Podcast #5 at 15:00 EST today. Twitch link:
Preparing to enter Faradox's Castle

You may now get a castle key from that last combat area. It will be used in a quest that is being worked on.
Christmas 2018 Event

You may now start collecting gifts for the holiday event. Note that the gifts are not openable until we vote on a christmas sigil which will be held on todays podcast.
All previous christmas sigils tradable.
Horse Upgrade

Bob's Brother will now sell another horse after feeding your horse allowing you to own both types.
Legendary Gold Armour

It is now possible to find extremely rare gold armour from any chest.
Resetting your rocket

You may now reset your rocket by right clicking it, apperently people have left the milky way.
Ultra Sickcure Potion

Removed the ultra sick cure potion and replaced it with something more useful.

Replaced the medium farming achievement "Reproduce a chicken" to something more appropriate for its level.
Added a new elite farming achievement.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with the steam boat and elite farming achievements. It now checks if you have 150 charcoal instead of 300 when sending your boat.

November 29, 2018

Diamond Hunt Mobile

Mobile is currently in balancing & testing phase. Here's a video:

Mobile to be released in CLOSED Beta on December 17th, everyone who has signed up on DH2 as of December 16th or before will have access.
Robot Wave 11

Robot wave 11 (Fire Robot) max HP reduced from 200 to 150.
Bug Fixes

Fixed the charcoal factory going over 100%
Fixed snapegrass from the uncle's farm.
Fixed a bug where the 10% XP bonus was not working on boat loot bags.
The dark horse combat cooldown is now only applied after the fight has finished.
Fixed a bug where mining promethium or runite from the meteor event required 41 and 71 mining instead of 40 and 70.
Fixed the dark horse cooldown reduction rate from 35% to 55%.
The trawler from crafting should now be hidden when bound.
Removed Halloween Crystals.

October 29, 2018

Diamond Hunt Mobile

The mobile test will be ready towards the end of November. Stick around until then so you can join the beta.
Halloween 2018

Halloween event is over. Didn't get a sigil? Don't worry, Christmas isn't too far away!
Halloween sigils have been removed from the player market.
Witch's brooms, skulls and spider legs have been converted into webs.
Event 2

Those who did not get their sigil, PM me on reddit (/u/smittyy) or let a mod know.

October 29, 2018

Diamond Hunt Mobile

Some of you already know this, but I just want to take the time to share to you all what I've been working on. I'm currently doing a test-application for Diamond Hunt 2. Basically I'm creating a web application called Diamond Hunt Mobile which will be its own game. The main reason for this was to see if a web-app was the right way to go for a official DH2 web application.

The goal of this small project is to create a much smaller scale of DH2 into a mobile app. This application will be operational on a separate server and does not interact with DH2 in anyway. If this application is successful, I will be making a DH2 application where you can login from your phone to play the game you play today.
Hard Farming Achievement Perk

A new hard farming achievement perk has been released.
Event now ends on Friday: November 2, 2018
Halloween Event New Tradable

Forgot to add the masks from last year. They are now tradable until the end of the event.
Note that it's not a sigil.
Halloween Event

Ghosts from the mansion now have a higher chance of dropping the halloween crystal.
Event now ends on Friday: November 2, 2018

October 22, 2018

MMO Event

Hope you guys enjoyed the MMO. It will remain up and running as long as the player count is around 20.
The event sigil is being worked on. You can find the top 100 on the event page:
Halloween Event

The halloween event is now ready to be completed. Good luck!
All previous halloween sigils are tradable until the event ends.
Event ends on: November 1, 2018

October 13, 2018

New Potion

A fishing potion has been released.
New Craftable

A fishing trawler.
Bug Fixes

Fixed the image loots from events.

October 13, 2018


Diamond Hunt MMO event will end on October 21. Event sigils will be distributed then.
Note: I realize that new accounts had to be created, I will try to make a system where you can choose which account your sigil goes to.
If people want it, I can leave the game up and running for fun.
Halloween Sigil

Can be obtained on October 21st and will last until halloween.
Other halloween sigils from previous years will be sellable on the market between the 21st and 31st.
Uncle's Farm

The Uncle's farm now supports snapegrass.
In-Game Events

Random events may now occur in the game at any moment. Although pretty rare, certain activities can open up for the whole server to join.

Here's what you need to know:
Note: You might think that events don't spawn too often, but given the fact that some of them give quite a bit of loot and are essentially a one click effort, they should be rare to encounter.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where completing 9 out of 10 hard farming achievements still actived hard perks.
The Uncle's farm now shows an X icon if you don't have the farming level to plant.

October 3, 2018

Podcast 4

Live at on Sunday, Oct. 7th @ 16:00 EST (20:00 UTC).
Event #2

Opens on Sunday, Oct. 7th @ 17:00 EST (21:00 UTC) - revealed during podcast.
Combat UI Changes - Part 2

The combat timer will now be displayed in the enemies area.
When the combat timer hits 0, the combat screen will no longer shift upwards which might cause miss-clicks.
Poutine Recipe

Poutin energy buffed from 300 to 450.
Robot Waves

When completing a robot wave, the popup saying "next wave..." has been changed to show what wave your about to move on.
Bug Fixes

Fixed the combat timer not showing up half the time.
Fixed a bug where the teleport spell was still blocked after fighting the robot waves.
Fixed a bug where spell counter for total casts wasn't working for specific spells in the spell book's table.
Fixed a bug where missing a ghost with a cannon reset it causing it to re-fire on the next tick only to quickly miss again and lose cannon balls.
Fixed a bug where the drinking combat selector potion did not grant 10% bonus donor xp.
Fixed a bug where the pirate would use the cannon and hit you at the same time. He should only be able to fire cannon balls.
Fixed a bug where for some users, the dialogue for selecting an item to post on the market was cut off on the top of the screen.

September 25, 2018

Combat UI Changes

Your combat spells are now available out of combat again.
Presets may now be set out of combat again.
Switching equipement in combat should be easier now.
The mana bar is now hidden until the magic skill is unlocked.

September 25, 2018

Team Sigil

Yay, bragging rights!
New Combat Interface (When fighting)

Reworked the combat interface when fighting - note that it isn't 100% complete yet but I think it's a little bit better. That said, please make sure you refresh your cache (CTRL+F5) and turn off add ons if you run into any glitches before submitting a bug.
Players Online

Players online is now shown on the login page.
Robot Waves

Robot waves XP rates nerfed from 5k xp per wave to 3k xp but now works with +10% donor item.
Horse now works on the robot waves.
Monsters on the Moon

Monsters on the moon now have a 1/500 chance of dropping shooting stars.

Added more tradables for teams and added dark bones to the player market.
Bug Fixes

Fixed Bob's Fertilizer.
Fixed a bug where using a normal needle on armour would pop up an irrelevant message.
Fixed a bug where a small amount of players would have market issues after the server crashing - server stability is also being investigated for a hopefully soon to come fix.

September 20, 2018

New Weapon

The robot loot bag now drops a new weapon that fills the gap between the scythe and dragon's sword. The chance of getting the new weapon is increased the higher the wave you make it at.
New Tradable

New tradable weapon in the player market.
The Robot Wave Quest

Removed requirement to have 70 brewing to start the Robot Wave's quest.
Robot Waves & Teleport

You may no longer teleport out of the robot waves.
Team Tradables

Added more tradables for teams.
Teleport Spells

You may now teleport out of combat before it starts.
Robot Waves

Hovering the robot now shows the maximum wave you have gotten to.
The profile page now also shows the maximum wave you have gotten to.

Fixed tooltip to ultra sick cure potion.
Fixed a bug where teams couldn't trade medium or large mana stars.

September 19, 2018

New Quest

New quest with unique reward.
New Sigil

A new sigil has been released.
New Combat Minigame

Added a new combat 'minigame' which challenges you in a series of enemy waves with a reward at the end. (You also get a reward depending on how far you get)

Monsters now lines up with your character when fighting.

Fixed a bug where the ultra sick cure potion sometimes failed to auto-cure an animal.

September 8, 2018

New Quest Next Patch.

A new quest will be ready next patch. The quest can be completed easily, however the reward includes a chance at a never ending fight (wave based) which can earn you rewards based on how far you make it.
Rocket Bug

Fixed a bug where your hero was stuck on the rocket.

September 6, 2018

New green orb.

The green cannon orb can now be obtained in chests.
Ultra Sick Cure Potion

Buffed the Ultra Sick Cure Potion: Animals can never die even without food and if they get sick, they automatically get cured granting 1200 brewing xp.
Reduced the resources required to make the Ultra Sick Cure Potion, those who have made the potion before this change will be refunded with 150 reproduction potions.

A new glowing animation has been added to the droids when they charge.
When killing an enemy, they slowly fade away.
Teams: Small Mana Star

Fixed a bug where players who bought their first mana star from the shop and traded before the last patch may now re-buy it from the shop.
Poison Spell Bug

Fixed a bug where the poison damage would make you lose a combat tick everytime it triggered, making your weapon slightly slower.

September 4, 2018

Gifting Donor Coins

You may now gift unbound donor coins to anyone, they will also remain unbound when traded. There is also a broadcast for this gift (Gifter can choose to broadcast or not)

Combat drop tables

The last three monsters have been added to the combat drop tables.
Team Tradables

Chests, eggs, needle and loot bags from boats are now tradable between teams.
Team Tradable: Small Mana Stars

You may no longer trade the small mana star obtained from the magic shop. However you can trade all other 9 and keep looting them until you have 10 again and repeat the process.
Total Animals Cured

You may now see the total animals cured when trying to buy the brewing scroll from Bob's brother.
Meditation for Magic Training

You may now meditate the maximum amount with one click for the selected empowered rock.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the green pirate potion was asking for huge vials instead of large ones.
Fixed a few typos.
Fixed a bug where the oil barrels were not opening automatically when set to on.

August 31, 2018

Charcoal Foundry

Ancient logs may now be used with the charcoal foundry.
Two new Potions

On can be found in the list as normal.
The other one if through a brewing scroll, sold by Bob's brother.
Team Tradables

Cheese, loots bags, cook's book food and magic robes tradable.
Brewing Potions

Entering an amount when brewing a potion now dynamically shows if you have the required ingredients.
Bug Fixes

Obtaining an empty orb from a chest while using a blood diamond key will trigger the brewing elite achievement: "Find an a blue, green or red empty orb using the pirate potions."
Fixed a bug in teams where a player could collect more than 10 mana stars if traded to them.

August 28, 2018

Team Tradables

Added about 15 more tradable items for teams - including coins.
Fishing Elite Achievements

Changed the elite fishing achievement to send your canoe 300 times instead of 500.
Changed the elite fishing achievement to send your sail boat 200 times instead of 350.
Dark Potion XP

Buffed the brewing XP from dark potion from 6000xp to 6900xp.
Woodcutting Notification

You will no longer have the woodcutting notification icon if you have a fully grown tree that is being ignored by your lumberjack. (Right click the lumberjack to stop cutting a specific tree type.)
Equipement Tooltips

Equipement tooltips will no longer show you the icon for a stat if it has a bonus of 0.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where trading items to your team would sometimes cause the interface to be too big and not exitable.
Fixed a bug where ignoring a shiny tree using the lumberjack would still trigger the a woodcutting elite achievement.
Fixed the display bug where dark potion actually required 75 brewing to brew.
Fixed the elite achievement perk: Increase the duration of every potion by 25%.
Fixed a display error where wand magic bonus was always displayed as if the quest "The Wand Two" was completed. (Giving double the magic bonus)
Fixed the display error for energy gained from fish after obtaining cooking elite perks.

August 27, 2018

New Game Mode: Hardcore Teams

There is now a new official gamemode that can be played.

August 16, 2018

Elite Achievements Completed

Finished fishing and cooking elite achievements.
All elite achievement perks released.
New Hard Cooking Achievement

Added a new hard cooking achievement.
Cook's Book

A new recipe is available from the cook's book for 10'000'000 coins.
Completing a set of Elite Achievements

A global server message in chat will trigger when a person finishes an elite achievement set.
Total Potions Brewed Counter

Earning extra potions from the brewing kit now applies towards your total potions made counter.
Drink 30 types of Potions Achievement

The elite brewing achievement where you need to drink 30 different types of potions now has a tracker.
Bug Fixes

Fixed tooltips for seasoned and striped ancient berries.

August 15, 2018

Elite Achievements

Elite combat and magic achievements are ready to be completed.
Finsihing up cooking and fishing elites along with all perks for next patch.
Elite Achievements Unlocked Retroactively

Made the elite achievements for the interstellar space and the ultra stardust potion retroactive for those who have already done those tasks.
Beam Spell

You may now longer cast the spell beam while it is charging.
Bug Fixes

Fixed shrimp display bug where it said you needed 80 heat when you actually only needed 20.
Fixed a bug where killing 10 pigs wouldn't trigger the hard achievement.
Fixed a bug where sending Bob to find light mushroom seeds stopped Bobette from gathering seeds too.
Fixed rage tooltip. It now shows the correct magic bonus needed.
Fixed a bug where animals would sometimes not go in the barn at 0 food even with the fence purchased.

August 14, 2018

Elite Achievements

Elite mining, crafting, woodcutting, farming and brewing achievements are ready to be completed.
Perks will be available next patch.
Combat, magic, fishing and cooking achievements will also be released next patch.
Bug Fixes

Fixed SSL Certificate problem. You should be able to connect via HTTPS now.
Fixed the magic runite change mould scroll.

August 6, 2018

Barn Fence Extension

An extension to the barn can be purchased so animals go into the barn automatically if they run out of food.
New Achievements

Added 1 medium and 2 hard farming achievements.
Still working on elites. They will be released either next patch or the one after.
Magic Spells Tooltips

Added description tooltips when hovering magic spells in combat.
Cancel Bob's Trip

You may now cancel Bob from searching in the north fields for light mushroom seeds.
Combat Quick Potions

The Anti Dragon Fire Potion now shows up with the other combat related potions.

Feathers and Charcoal are now tradable.
Discarding Map

Right clicking a map now allows you to discard it.
Buffed Animals Food

Buffed beef energy from 100 to 1000
Buffed sheep meet from 50 to 300
Discarding Map

The seed potion now affects the chances of finding stardust seeds from the starseed potion.
Faradox's Lair

Promethium moulds drop rate reduced from 1/300 to 1/250 per key.
Bug Fixes

Fixed smelting speed potion so they check for the correct amount of potions needed. Fixed label from pig to cow when releasing a cow from the barn. Fixed a bug that would make you lose 10k wheat when trying to fight wheat while on the rocket. Fixed energy tooltip label (from 20'00 to 20'000) when sending hero to the moon. Fixed Bob's Brother broken image when buying a fire chicken potion. The Set Username button is now hidden if you are not playing as a guest. Fixed the achievement "Successfully cook exactly 5 tunas at a time" so you actually need to 5 on the dot. Fixed a bug where players had extra quest points.
User Profiles

Now show your current rank.

August 1, 2018

2 New "Animals"

Visit the shop for more details.
Magic Needle

Visit the magic shop to upgrade your needle.
This needle lets you use it on magic robes.
User Profiles

Now show your current rank.

July 30, 2018

Podcast Episode 3

A livestream podcast to answer questions and talk about future updates of Diamond Hunt will be live on Aug 5, 15:00 EDT.
Feel free to: Ask a Question
Login Page

Temporarly reworked margins to allow all devices and browsers to play DH - I had multiple bug reports of people unable to login on specific tablets or old browsers, the issue is now fixed.
Shiny Fish

Now available to everyone with boats.
Provides double the fishing/cooking xp along with double the energy.
Hard Achievement Fishing Perk

A new hard fishing perk has been released.
Animal Barn Changes

You may now choose which animals to release from the barn.
Releasing an animal out of the barn with 0 food is unable to die or reproduce for the next 60 seconds so you have time to feed them.
Small Combat Changes

Removed the message stating that you must wait for the fight before casting a spell.
Attempting to fight in any area without a full mana bar will cause the dialogue box to include a warning.
Chickens, Fire Chickens and Ice Chickens

All eat at a much lower rate.
Dark Wizard Robes

Now require a combat level of 85 instead of 75.
Omelet Recipe Changes

Bacon reduced from 20 to 10.
Eggs reduced from 50 to 40.
Bug Fixes

Fixing the spinning wheel will remove the current one from your inventory while it is being repaired or upgraded.
Fixed a display bug where the smelting speed potion was asking for 20 bar potions instead of 10.
Fixed runite spiked armour tooltips.
The rake orb no longer triggers for white leaf seeds. (The quest item)
Fixed a bug where players could use magic for the combat achievement that asks to kill any npc in the volcano without armour or magic.
Fixed the ice omelet not giving enough XP.

July 24, 2018

Email & Password Recovery

Almost ready to go, just need to set up the email server and we have an automatic reset-password functionality.
Login System

Changed the backend of the login system. You must now click the blue link to create an account.
Fixed Vertical Scroll Bar

The vertical scroll bar was not showing when it should on the login page. This has been fixed.

July 19, 2018

Email & Password Recovery

Players may now set an email address to their accounts. This allows users to recover lost/stolen passwords. Note that only part 1/2 is completed. After part 2 is released, players will be able to reset as expected.
I recognized that giving personal information (emails) to a third party can be annoying. Setting up an email is completely optional and you may even toggle off the warning label.
Buying Animal Potions

Now shows if you have the materials when buying potions.
Shortcuts on Notifications

Most notifications (the little red boxes when you get a map, when crops are ready etc.) can now be clicked for easier access.
Bug Fixes

Fixed missing images for sick fire/ice chicken and the lava cow.

July 16, 2018

I'm back!

Cuba was great.

Three types of horses has been added to the game. They are all accesible and functional.
Submitting a bug

Now can be accessed by players who havn't donated but have a global level of at least 600.
Easy Cooking Achievement

The two incompletable cooking achievements have been changed to work with the new cook's book.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a farming bug where the loot dialogue showed wrong values at wrong places. (Display bug)
Fixed a bug where throwing wheat into the volcano/northern fields was checking if both areas were cleared when they should be checking only for the selected area.
Fixed a bug where the golem from the moon would show a normal stargem potion when looted instead of the enchanted version.

July 2, 2018

Next Week

I'll be out of the country for the next 7 days as of Saturday, July 7th
Updates will resume afterwards - note that I have someone who will check often for the server status and restart it if needed.
Four Cooking Recipes

Prepare yourself some omelets or maybe just some cheese?
Cook's Book

All recipes now no longer have to be cooked. Gathering the ingredients can already be a burden so anything prepared will be cooked 100% of the time.
New Born Animals From Potions

Animals born from a potion will automatically be put into the barn to sleep. (You must own a barn for this to work)
This prevents them from dieing.
Killing the Wheat

You no longer get loot bags when killing wheat, you simply gain 100 seeds from the kill instantly.
New Born Animals From Potions Dialogue

Now has a dialogue box that is opened when reproduced from a potion.
Bug Fixes

For those who still have fire/ice wheat loot bags, they should be openable.

July 2, 2018

Crafting thread

Now requires a needle.
Animals Eating

All animals now consume their food twice as slowly.
Brewing Scrolls

You may now hover over the mixing stand to see where your brewing scrolls were found.
Animal Barn

Now shows the number of animals currently sleeping.
Bug Fixes

Fixed workers notification showing up when they were not finished.
Fixed the redwood tree so it cannot die.
Fixed a bug with fire feathers which allowed them to go into the negatives.
Fixed the display bug where a popup said you needed 1000 wheat when you actually needed 10000.
Fixed the gem goblin, it is now encounterable again.
Fixed a display bug where animals would not disapear when sending them to the barn to sleep.
Having the achievement notifaction perks disabled in your profile should work for all popups now.
Fixed a bad image for the brewing scroll 5.
Fixed a bug where the potion timer for the new animal potions wern't adjusted according to your brewing level.

June 30, 2018

Frozen/Fire Wheat

Fire and frozen wheat seeds are now obtainable.

Three new cooking recipes are now available. They use eggs, milk and bacon and leaves.
Animals: Fire/Ice Potions

Can be bought and given to specfic animals for them to reproduce into a fire/ice chicken or a lava cow.
3 new animals released

High level animals can now be obtained.
Farming Crate

May now be upgraded.
Killing Farm Animals

You may now kill more than 1 animal with one click. The number of animals to kill can be set next to the kill button and is saved for futur uses.
Farming Crate Notification

Shown if your crate is full.
Bug fixes

Cure potion now gives the correct amount of XP.
Cure potion now gives XP when used on an animal.
Fixed the xp for woodcuting speed potion.
Fixed display issues with total yields/reproductions for animals.
Omlets and other Cooking Recipes

Currently working on more recipes for the new introduced cooking ingredients from farming animals.
I was going to release it today but I want to make sure that it is well balanced.

June 12, 2018

Woodcutting Speed Potion

Released a new low level potion.
Player Stats

Now shows amount of ores mined, amount of logs chopped and other various stats.
Combat Hit Splats

With more complex combat (such as defender, cannon etc), hits tend to stack on top of each other. Now if two hit splats occur on the same tick, that will be seperated as shown on this image:
This also includes "charging" and heal hit splats.
Potions During Combat

You may now drink combat related potions during a fight. (You can find them near the magic spells' icons)
Seperate Animals Tab

If toggled in the profile, the barn will no longer show up in the farming tab.
Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the lumberjack would cut ancient trees when he was told not to.
Fixed red axe orb on growing trees.
Fixed wheat seed bug for bob's uncles' farm.
The dragon sword should now display over the amulet when worn.

June 12, 2018

New medium woodcutting achievement perk

Allows your lumberjack to ignore types of trees. (Right click lumberjack)
Animal Barn

Allows you to send your animals to sleep where they will stop eating, stop reproducing, stop getting sick and stop yielding items.
Reproduction Rate

You may now see the reproduction rate of animals when clicking on them. They can be: Fast, Medium, Low, Very Low.
Red axe orb

Can be used on a growing tree, however the remaining grow time for that tree will be added to the cooldown.
Yield Rates

Have been nerfed as too many eggs were coming into the game. Milk has only been slightly nerfed.

Pigs still eat too fast, the rate has been halved once again.
Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the animal's tab wouldn't work with the profile option: shorter tabs.

June 6, 2018

Loot bags buffs

Most loot bags above the caves have been buffed.
Chickens now drop eggs twice as often.
Drop tables here have also been adjusted to fit this.
Loot bags nerfs

Because of farming, a few drops have been nerfed:
Birds now only drop 1 feather. (fire & ice chickens will be available soon for animal farming)
The drop for 5000 spider webs in one loot bag has been removed due to sheeps.

The vendor now sells food seeds and food.
Animals Tab

You may now visit your profile to enable a seperate tab for animals.
Bug fixes

Antidragon fire potion now gives brewing XP when drank.
Fixed an early game bug where the oil storage 1 would not show in the crafting table.
Fixed a few typos.

June 4, 2018

Loot bags - last 3 openable.

To be added to the drop tables.

Now obtainable and usable. This offhand dagger allows you to poke your enemy for 1 damage ignore the enemies defence. (On melee attacks only)
Is tradable.
Spiked Runite Armour

Crafting spiked runite armour is now possible.
Amulet of Life

A new unique drop from the droids. When charged, allows you to come back to life with 25% of HP if you die.
Is tradable.

Can now remove food from animals by right clicking them.
Pigs eat carrots at a slower rate. (Twice as slow)

Now brings back food seeds.

New items are now tradable:

Amulet of Life
Bug fixes

Fixed farming level requirements for planting food seeds.
Fixed a few typos.

May 30, 2018


Now yield farming xp on reproduction.
Now yields combat xp when killed.
Now yields double bones when wearing bone amulet or ring.
Chickens eat rate has been reduced.

Now drops 1 - 3 cheeses instead of only 1.

Now includes food seeds.

May 29, 2018

CPU Issues

For the last two days, we've been having CPU issues causing the computer to overheat slowing down the server. This issue has been fixed.
Animal Balancing

Animals now get sick on an average of every 3 days instead of 3 hours. (Also, having more of the same animal doesn't increase chances of them getting sick)
Animals no longer die when they are sick, they simply stop reproducing or yield items.
Animals now only die if they run out of food.
The sick cure potion recipe has been changed as it was not worth brewing.
Animal now reproduce at a slower rate but is increased as you get more of the same animal.
Sick Cure Potion

Reduced cost of materials.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where animals were not reproducing on some accounts.
Bob's Uncle's farm should now check and use the correct amount of seeds.

May 27, 2018

Podcast & Mining Machinery Rate

Thanks for joining me, eegos and mavrick for the podcast! A link will be available on the login page for those who missed it. I was very tired during this podcast due to lack of sleep. I'll be sure to be more energetic on epsisode 3.
I also mentioned on the podcast that I would release mining ore rates. Here they are:

For common ores, if you hit the RNG to obtain that ore the equation is: 0 to [machinery On] +([mining level]/25);
Common ores include stone, copper, tin, silver, gold, quartz, marble.

For rare ores:


For every second/tick, if a number is generated from 0 to (25000 - ([excavators on] * 1500) - ([mining level] * 7)) is equal to 0, 1 promethium is added.

Giant Excavators:

For every second/tick, if a number is generated from 0 to (25000 - ([giant excavators on] * 2000) - ([mining level] * 7)) is equal to 0, 3 promethium is added.
For every second/tick, if a number is generated from 0 to (200000 - ([giant excavators on] * 6000) - ([mining level] * 700)) is equal to 0, 1 runite is added.

You may now have animals!
This update will be tweaked over the next few days if balancing is needed.
Also more animals will be released.
New Quest

New quests have been released.
New Potion

A new potion has been released.
Bob Uncle's Farm

Now shows you if you have enough seeds to plant.
Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where dark potion was not getting potions when drank.
Fixed broken image on spell scrolls.

May 12, 2018

Dark Mushroom Seeds

Can now also be obtained rarely from the dark potion on Bob.

All price limits on market have been adjusted. The limits are less narrow for all items.
Combat Presets

Now works on cannonballs and arrows.
Bug fixes

Fixed the mining presets where a level requirement was needed.

May 8, 2018

Market Issues

I'm aware market price limits are way off on some items. I'm currently working on a better system.
For now, I adjusted the price limits for ruby.
New Hard Combat Achievement Perk

A new perk has been released. This isn't really content so I tagged it as a tweak.
Antidragon Fire Potion

Reduced the recource cost for the potion.
Fixed the description. The effect of the potion never changed, it was a wrong description.
Mining Presets

Is now tied to the medium mining achievement rewards.
Bug Fixes

Farming planter has been fixed.
Fixed all typos submitted.
Fixed green icons not showing up in the fighting dialogue (where you select an area) when killing the three npc's in the last area.

May 8, 2018

Farming Expansion (35% completed)

There will be a new expansion to farming for mid level players. You will be able to farm animals. Along with new unique items, you will be able to purchase animals, craft barns, reproduce animals and so on. They must be fed with wheat seeds, wheat, carrots, potatoes, and possibly more food seeds which are unreleased. You may also kill your animals for food and more farming XP. Finally, some animals will give you buffs; for example: horses will give your hero a combat cooldown reduction. Thank you jellybonez for the suggestion.
Podcast Episode 1

May be found on the home page.
New Potion

A max level potion has been released.
New high level fighting area

You better be well prepared for this.
Mining Machinery Presets

Simply right click any mining machinery to set your presets. (Suggestion by /u/bmwpersson)
Additional Combat Icon

When you select an area to fight, you are able to see the enemies you have failed to kill in black, succesfully killed at least once in green, at least 30 in yellow, at least 300 in blue.
A new shiny blue icon has been added for over 1000 kills. (eegos's idea in podcast/QA)
Dark Potion Changes

You may now drink the potion three times (one for miners/bob/lumberjack).
Donor may drink the potion for a total of 6 times
Bug fixes.

Fixed the dark potion requirements.
Fixed the dark potion where it was still getting dark diamonds when it should have gotten dark strange leaves.
Fixed the faradox dark tomb key image.
Quest sigil has been fixed.
Fixed the pricing for runite keys when purchasing them using the red chest.
Fixed the dark silk tooltip.
Fixed the grammar error in the dark potion description.
Boat loot should now drop green and red maps. They are unobtainable if you do not have the runite spyglass/pirate's sail.

April 26, 2018

Livestream podcast/QA

Time & Date: This Sunday, Apr 29 12:30 PM PDT 1 hour (3:30 PM EST)
More information here.
Wizard Battle Quest

Now completable.
Strange leaf

A new strange leaf has been released. Unstrangely you'll have a harder time finding these ones.
Next tier of wizard robes.

Now released and is required to cast very high level spells.
Magic page 5.

This page contains very strong spells.
Brewing scroll 8.

Has now been released. It unlocks a level 80 potion.
Change orb magic scroll

Buffed the amount of change orb magic scroll in green chests from 1 to 2.
Buffed the amount of change orb magic scroll in green chests from 1 to 3.
Bug fixes.

Like the previously fixed pirate sail bug, a gold loot bag from the dark fire mage will roll the magic page 4 chance 10 times.
The shiny version of the dark fire mage now heals.
Removed first-time death dialogue as it was no longer applied.
Fixed presets for those who lost them.
The xp label when making berries from the cook book has been fixed.
The longer oil potion no longer says that is lasts 8 hours when in reality is lasts 4 hours. When using the combat selector potion, the interface will close when choosing a monster.

April 22, 2018

Exams finished!

After a lot of studying and even more champagne, I finally have free time for Diamond Hunt. Updates will be much more frequent as of now.
Podcast/Q&A livestream

An official date & time to be released soon.
New bug form system.

Currently, there is a link on the top page to 'submit a bug'. For those who used that feature with good intention, thank you. I have stopped replying to these posts as a lot of them were spam/trolling. I have decided to create a new system to avoid this problem: Players may now report a bug based on two criterias:

1 - They must have donated a minimal of 1$
2 - They accept the term of conditions.

I took the time to program this new bug form this week; those who can submit bugs may now see other player-submitted bugs to avoid duplicates.
Thank you for making Diamond Hunt a more enjoyable games by submitting bug reports.
New elite quest

Better get your wands out for this one.
Charcoal Factory

You may now remove all your charcoal from your charcoal factory by right clicking it.
Convert orb magic scroll.

Now drops more often on green chests, and even more for red chests. The drop rate of this scroll on the regular chest remains the same.
Easter event.

The easter event for 2018 has come to an end. The bunny sigil will be tradable on future easter events. All baskets/eggs have been removed.
Holdiay Easter items no longer tradable.

April 6, 2018


Hey guys, it's that time again. I'm happy to say it's the last time I'll be saying this, but I'm going into exams for the next two weeks which will give me even less time to work on DH. I'll do my best to update the game during that time, and will for sure fix bugs along the way. The good news is I'll be graduating from Software Engineering afterwards so apart from work, I can focus 100% on Diamond Hunt! The Q&A will also be happening after the exams. My last exam ends on April 17th

Hope you understand and thank you so much for the support! It's been great lately.

The event is over!

You may view the winners here.
Fixed Pirate Sail Droprate

The pirate sail from the dark forest did not work properly with shiny loot bags. This issue has been fixed.

March 31, 2018

Live Q&A Audio Stream

I'm going to be a Q&A livestream with one of the mods. (TheMavrick)
Questions can be posted before hand on reddit here.
The date is not set.
Easter Event

Visit the magic shop to begin the easter egg hunt.
Old easter items have been made tradable.
Event ends on: April 13th, 2018.
Mould Spell scrolls

Now functional, this spell scroll allows you to convert a mould into another kind. (Example, a boots to a platebody)
Interstellar Space

Now accessible with the red rocket orb.
Two new potions

Greater stardust potion.
Ultra stardust potion.
New Tradables

Easter Egg Sigil
Easter Egg (Food)
Interstellar Gas
Donor Coins

You may now only sell 15 donor coins at a time on the market.
Red map change

As mentioned on reddit, the map 'July 20, 1969' has been changed as it was too time consuming to complete.
Bug fixes

FINALLY fixed the rocket getting stuck bug.
Red fishing bait orb should now work on the stats page.
The notification when obtaining a red map has been fixed.

March 20, 2018

Brewing Kit Buff

To keep up with the brewing rework, the XP rates on the brewing kit has been adjusted.
Skeleton Pirate

Like the caves, this is a skeleton and should drop more bones. So now it does!
Profile Orbs

The stats page now shows every orb separately and which one you got. It also says what they do when you hover them.
(Can be found in the skills tab, by clicking the 'View Full Profile' button)
Runite Oven

You will no longer get the popup of what was cooked or burnt if you have a runite oven.
Super compost postion

Now gives brewing xp.
Brewing Tooltips

Timers on brewing tooltips should now automatically adjust based on brewing level.

March 16, 2018

Diamond Hunt Event

Goes live on next friday. The countdown is here and can be accessed through the main website or here!
Essence Potion

Normal/super essence potions should now give brewing xp for those who still have them.

March 14, 2018


Now requires 5 mana instead of 20.
Magic Spells

Paralyze now requires level 47 magic instead of 60.
Donor XP (10%).

Now works when drinking potions.
Now works when meditating.
Brewing XP when drinking potions.

Now works on stargem, enchanted stargem, oxygen potions.
Smelting speed potion.

Now actually requires 32 to mix.

March 12, 2018

Server issues.

The problem has been fixed. I've been going back and fourth with my hosting company and they finally managed to have figured out the problem. If this is a recurring issue, I'll be switching hosts.
Two new spell scrolls.

Available on the market.
A new magic spell.

Paralyze: Paralyzes your enemy making him unable to attack or heal for 5 seconds + your magic level/10.
Dragon sword.

New hard brewing perk

Your cauldron now also give you brewing xp for extra potions.
Market Price Changes

Bones and Ice bones have new price limits.
Brewing XP Rates

Brewing was always a tedious skill to train. I like the concept of the skill however the XP rates were simply too low.
I also thought about making some kind of magic cauldron where you would pour your potions and stardust into it for extra brewing XP, but from the player feedback, people didn't seem too interested so I decided to go with this simpler idea instead:

You now gain brewing XP when drinking your potions. Note: You only gain the extra XP if you actually use the benefit of the potion.

March 7, 2018

Mana Stars.

Should now show the correct mana.
Binding red axe orb and loot bag orb.

Now should be bindable.
Also fixed the image when using the red loot bag orb.
Blood diamond key

Now shows you getting the chest back in the loot dialogue.

March 6, 2018

The Hardcore EVENT [PRIZE]

An event will role out soon. More details will be posted on the website in the next few days. You can find out more information about it: here.
There is a 100$ USD prize for the winner and there is no cost to enter the event. (You may not sign up yet)
Blood diamond has a use.

Blood diamonds may now be crafted/bought into blood keys to open any of the three chests.
Red orbs.

Red axe orb and red combat loot orb can now be bound.
Dark Faradox's Lair.

Now has a new drop. (Common)
New Potion.

A new potion has been added.
Dark Diamond.

May now be obtained.
Crystal Leaf Seeds Market Price

The price has been changed.
Bug fix

Trying to fight in the dark forest without having the energy will no longer consume your light mushrooms.

February 27, 2018

Balancing changes

Currently working with the moderators on settling with new numbers for various activities.
Red chests openable

Orbs obtainable and tradable but not bindable yet.
Other items in chests have been added.
New easy and medium magic perks

New Easy Perk: Healing regenerates 30% more health.
New Medium Perk: Reduced prices in the magic shop for some of the empowered rocks.
Magic Perk Changes

Removed Easy Perk: Teleport cooldown halved.
Tweaked Medium Perk: The chances of triggering the cooldown and mana resets have been increased from 5% to 15%.
Teleport cooldown

Reduced to 5 minutes. Losing energy after teleporting is punishing enough.
Shiny loot bags, farming all plots and using your lumberjack

Should now all neatly stack in one slot for redundant items.
Bug fixes

The barrier bonus should not reset when switching armours after casting it. (It was a display bug)
Fixed runite armour tooltips. (Not a nerf, it was a display bug)
Fixed a bug where the triggering the cooldown reset from the magic achievement perk to not work on teleport.
Fixed longer oil potion tooltip.
Fixed XP labels for some potions that were off by a little bit.
Fixed ancient wand tooltip.
Removed the message: You can't cast spells while meditating. (This is no longer the case)

February 26, 2018(Part 2)

Not liking an Update?

If you feel that a recent update was not up to par or you think changes were poorly calculated, make sure you post about it on reddit with constructive feedback and perhaps with some different suggested values. I'm always on the lookout to make changes to the game to make it better.
Whining in chat won't do much.
Pirate Ship - map drop rates

Cannot find maps when there is no wind.
4 Times as rare as normal maps on low wind.
3 Times as rare as normal maps on medium wind.
2 Times as rare as normal maps on high wind. (which is same as green maps)
More common than normal maps on very high wind. (But still rare considering how short the duraiton of very high wind is)
Loot potion

Now uses significantly less resources.
Those who have already brewed the potion prior to this update will get a full refund on the differences.
Crafting Pirate Ship

Now uses less ancient logs.
Now uses no charcoal, doesn't really make sense when you use the sails. Those who have already bound ship prior to this update will get a refund on the differences.

February 26, 2018

Red maps

Red maps are obtainable.

The pirate sail can be obtained from an NPC.
Red orbs are almost ready, I'm letting players potentially obtain a red chest before they go live in the next patch.

No longer works on shiny monsters or the gem goblin.
You may no longer reset your rocket after collecting your loot.

February 15, 2018

A new potion

New high level potion.
Minor changes

The salmon heat requirement has been lowered to 120.
Cannon part drops from the skeleton have a slightly higher drop rate.
Slighty buffed the amount of keys dropped from the faradox's tombs. (Normal & Dark)
Farming/Woodcutting loot dialogue

Can now be toggled on and off in your profile.

February 14, 2018

Midterm exams

I'm busy with school at this moment, updates will resume as normal as of next week om February 21. I'll try to update small things in the mean time such as QoL updates and bug fixing.

I'm going to try to advertise on various forums about the game. Let's try to reach 1k players online again and please if new players do join, help them if they ask questions in chat. Also, feel free to share this game with your friends through social media. I've put a lot of work into it and I would really appreciate the gester. Thanks guys!
Farming loot dialogue

Like woodcutting, harvesting now has a popup to show what what was obtained.
Guest accounts

May now change there username once again.

February 1, 2018

Rocket Reset.

There is a rare chance that the rocket gets stuck. I'm currently investigating the issue however you may now reset your rocket by right clicking it.
Reverting popup dims

If you havn't noticed, dialogue boxes dim the background. I added this last patch thinking it would make the UI cleaner. Turns out it's annoying so I reverted this update.
Guest accounts

May now change there username.
The login screen.

After clicking the blue login button on the homepage, your browser will remember this action and your home page for diamond hunt will be automatically set to the login screen.

Obtainable. Here's a hint: It's not THAT rare, however it's an end game item and very tough to obtain.

The 3 Cannon Parts.
Mars Rock.
Charcoal Factory Buff.

Uses much less charcoal. (about 75% less)

January 31, 2018

Guest Accounts.

Guest accounts are now a thing.
The website got a minor rework.
Made a Diamond Hunt banner, not the best at graphics but it'll do for now.
Popups / Dialogue boxes

Now dim the background to ease focus on the dialogues.

Players may now right click the planter to only harvest.
Changing your password.

Was disabled for quite some time now, it has been re-enabled.

January 29, 2018

New Craftable.

Not ready yet, but info on soon to come content.
Vendor new Items

Now sells a new unique item.
2 New brewing scrolls.

Can be both be obtained.
Promethium Moulds

Promethium mould loot have been changed from 1/400 to 1/300 per key.
Faradox's Lair requirement changes

Now requires 5 total teleports instead of 20.
Oil Barrels

Can now be set to automatically be used when you run out of oil. Click on any oil barrel to configure this option.
Bug fix

The teleport spell did not increment the total teleports casted.
This caused a problem with starting the quest: Faradox's Lair. (You need to have cast 20 teleport spells to do this quest).
The issue has been fixed.

January 27, 2018

New Craftable.

A new oil source.
Vendor new Items

Now sells a new type of ring.
Sells skeleton sword and skeleton shield.
Bug fixes.

Fixed a minor display bug where the mana bar was not displaying properly.

January 26, 2018 (#2)

New spell scroll.

Dropped in the dark forest.
Magic Spell: Barrier

Now actually shows how many defence level you go up by.

Hardcore accounts may now use the player market to buy donor coins.
The achievement to find an essence using a super essence potion has been changed.
Magic page 2 and 4 are now more common.
The spell Barrier may now be casted before the fight starts.
Bug fixes

Fixed a problem where players couldn't use presets.
Fixed promethium glove mould.

January 23, 2018 (#2)

Faradox's Gaurdian Requirement

Now shows the amount of total tomb keys used.
Auto wiki/faq in Chat

Typing the words 'WIKI' or 'FAQ' auto hot links them.
New update notifier

Bug fixes

Binding a runite oven should remove it from the crafting table.
The fish icon quality has been fixed. (Requires a cache refresh with ctrl f5)
Fixed the bug with 'shorter tabs' and the new seperatable magic tab in profile.
Donor Coins

Enabled for Trading.

January 23, 2018

Faster Packet Algorithme + Server info (Technical) + Recap of these past few months

Apart from the magic rework, I've been also working on a complete new algorithme to improve the quality of the general game play. The goal of this new algorithme is to make the game have a much faster response time. As you may have noticed, the game works on a 1 second ticking system. When you send commands to the server (example: Wielding an item, chopping a tree, cast a spell etc.), the server registers and processes your command. Right now, the server tries to process the command in between every tick. (A tick is one second). After a second has gone by, the packet algorithme runs through all the players and constructs the new packets to be sent to the game client. (The website). If the server is incapable of processing a command within that one second, it will continue to process it on the next second which can cause unwanted delays. What this new algorithme does is every time a command is recieved, the new packet algorithme will construct the new command right away and send it back to the client. This removes that one second delay caused by the ticking system. However, this algorithme requires more CPU power and bandwidth. The algorithme has been enabled for equipement items only. If the test works well on these items, I'll be looking to do it across all the items in the game.

Second thing, I want to be transparent with you guys and you may have noticed we have not hit 1000 players online in a while. Obviously this means the revnue stream of the game has decreased. This new algorithme might need too much CPU power and I am willing to upgrade the server only if the community really sees a difference in the response time. If the new algorithme is not really needed, I'll be removing it and won't be upgrading the server.

Lastly, some of you might not like the idea of donor coins being tradable but I'm going to be giving it a try. Players may now purchase donor items without actually needing to spend any real money. This should also help revnue streams which would allow me to keep the algorithm and comfortably upgrade the server if need be. I hope you understand why I'm doing this. I also want to mention that my motivation for diamond hunt is still going strong. I plan to spend a lot of time on programming DH in the next few weeks the fact that we have less players online does not make me want to code this game less. It's a lot of fun for me and enjoy every bit of it!

Changing equipement items for your hero should be lightning fast.
If all goes well, the response time of the game should be much faster in the next few patches.
The increase in the server's response time uses more CPU power and I might have to rent more hardware to achieve this.
Even though the player count has been much lower than usual, my motivaiton stays strong for programming this game! And I know we will reach that 1k players online again!
Elite Quest!

New Tradables

Runite moulds.
Donor Coins (Auto binds when bought). (See the info box above for more details)
Bug fixes

The energy reduction at faradox's tomb now works properly. (It was checking for completed hard brewing achievements intead of combat)
A mroe accurate Cannon

All cannon balls have a higher accuracy bonus.

The 25% more essence fragments achievement perk has been changed for strange leaves.
The achievement to get an essence from an essence potion has been changed to using a combat selector potion.

You make now seperate your magic tab out of the combat one in the profile & settings. (Link on the top, next to rules)
Hovering over the silks when using the spinning wheel now says 'Craft Green Silk' instead of simply 'craft'.
The tooltip on spells now shows the name of the spell.
Oil Storage 6

You now need 10'000'000 stone instead of 20'000'000 to craft.
Magic combat Icons

The combat magic spell icons now show if the spell iseither on cooldown, missing mana or not enough magic bonus.
Green Empowered Rock Orb

Buffed, it now has double its effect.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a hard crafting achievement. (The one where you need to produce 600 charcoal in one go)

January 18, 2018

Mana Potions

2 new mana potions have been released.
Meditation & Empowered Rock Orbs

Now can be obtained from empty orbs and have also been added to the empty orb spell scroll.

Sells new items and also tweaked the cost to trade a strange pink leaf.
Brewing Perks

Changed the brewing achievement perks to fit the magic rework.
Combat Hard Perks

Added a hard combat perk.
Magic combat Icons

The combat magic spell icons now show if the spell iseither on cooldown, missing mana or not enough magic bonus.
Green Empowered Rock Orb

Buffed, it now has double its effect.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a hard crafting achievement. (The one where you need to produce 600 charcoal in one go)

January 16, 2018

Vendor issues

There are currently vendor issues happening. The issue has been fixed.
Magic Achievements

Now all completable.
New perks have been added aswell.
A new blue orb aswell as a green orb

Both tradable.
The "Detailed" Stats Page

Now accesible from your account under the skills tab.
Enchanted Potion Scroll

The scroll is obtained from sending your workers to find brewing materials.
The rate has been changed from 1/15 per worker to 1/4.
Mana Star Drop Rates

Small and medium mana stars drop rate have been increased. They should be easier to find.

You may now cast spells while meditating.
Combat spells XP changes

XP rates have been buffed for all combat spells.
You no longer get any magic XP from combat spells after casting spells for a total of 30 times per fight.
Teleport Spell

The mana required for teleport has been changed from 15 to 10.
Bugs Fixed

Presets are fixed.
Fixed the gust spell.
Achievements are fixed.
The Faradox quest now asks you for strange logs instead of essence logs.

January 15, 2018


Now a common drop in the haunted mansion.
Unequipping All Items

An unequip button has been added below the hero.
Meditate Enabled

Visit the magic shop to unlock meditate. (The icon is no longer in your spells tab)
Mediate is a good SD and ore sink.
Added: You may now keep training combat with meditate however you may not use combat spells.
Heal, pound and gust xp changes

Now give more xp when casted in combat.

Thread is now tradable
Increased iron dagger's cap as the demand went up.

January 12, 2018 (#3)

New quest

A medium quest has been added to the game.
Magic Shop

Forgot to mention: The Wand Two quest used to give a spell scroll 1 before the magic rework. It now gives the reward of having double magic bonuses on all wands. (This was active since stage 1 of the magic rework update)
Bug fixes

Yellow, green and purple strange leaves are now obtainable from tree seeds with the hard farming perk

January 12, 2018 (#2)

Stage 2 - Spell scrolls

3 Spell scrolls have been added to the game. These scrolls allow players to cast none-combat spells. The scroll is tradable. (Note: The scrolls are consumed when used)
Magic Shop

Added back button.
Bug fixes

Fixed requirement for new quest. (It was checking for 15 magic instead of 5)
Fixed essence potion timers and removed from brewing list.
Heat Doubled for all Fish

I had changed this before the magic update and completely forgot about it. I realize a ton of people were swimming in heat so I decided to make cooking harder. A warning should have been said, I don't mind reverting however now the ones who have already cooked the food after the heat increase are going to be quite upset. I decreased the rate to x1.3 instead of x2. Apologies for the situation.

EDIT: I reverted the heat back to its original numbers.

January 12, 2018

The next 24h.

Expect the server to be restarted for the next 24h. I'll be around to bug fix and tweak the new content.

Make sure to submit a bug if you find one with the rework. I will fix them on the spot today. (I'm aware the magic achievements are not up to date, no need to submit a bug on that)

Have an idea to improve the magic rework? All suggestions are to be posted on reddit. I'll be around all day!
Stage 1 - Magic rework

The new magic rework is in. I won't be explaining all the details on how it works here. I think I'd rather let you guys figure it out through gameplay. However, here's a few things to know:

Combat drop tables updated with magic rework.

New items have been introduced on all drop tables.
Shiny trees.

Now have an animation.
Christmas holiday over.

Sigils no longer tradable and snowballs/gifts removed.

December 23, 2017

Christmas Event 2017

You now have a chance of finding gifts from mining, loot bags and chest/green chests.
Visit the shop for a new item.
Santa hat, tree sigil and christmas gifts are tradable

Only during the christmas event.
Christmas Event

Ends on january 5th.
The magic rework will be ready by then aswell.

December 19, 2017

Christmas Event

The christmas event will be released around Christmas day. The exact date is not known however the event will extend up to January 5th. The magic rework will be released at the same time as the christmas event.
Magic complete Revamp

So if you don't already know, the magic skill is getting a complete revamp. The update is almost ready and should be released in about a week. Here is a list of changes that you should expect.

The Mana Bar

Charging Spells

Unlocking spells

New spell mechanics

New hero bonus

New equipement

What about our essences/wand etc?


December 5, 2017


Start exchanging items with the vendor.
New Equipement: Rings

Your hero can wear an infinite amount of rings. One of them is available as of now.
Brewing Scroll 5

Released brewing scroll 5 with the potion.
I won't spoil where to find it, however it's not from the vendor and not an NPC loot.
Farming Notification

Now works on the uncle's farm.

December 5, 2017


Start exchanging items with the vendor.
New Equipement: Rings

Your hero can wear an infinite amount of rings. One of them is available as of now.
Brewing Scroll 5

Released brewing scroll 5 with the potion.
I won't spoil where to find it, however it's not from the vendor and not an NPC loot.
Farming Notification

Now works on the uncle's farm.

December 1, 2017

Bob's Uncle Farm

Ready to go.
New Quest

New quest released.
Super Compost Potion

Now works with white leaf seeds.
Chrismas Event

To be released on Decemeber 22.
Ends early January. (Date to be confirmed)

November 27, 2017

Bob's Uncle

New Quest.

Players may now use the mute players by name or by ip. Your muted players will also be remembered even on refresh and can be managed using the 'mute list' button on the chat box.
Drop rates changed

Dagger from theif from 1/30 to 1/25
Skeleton sword from 1/50 to 1/40
Skeleton shield from 1/40 to 1/30
Mixing Stand Quest

You may no longer find brewing scrolls if the mixing stand quest isn't completed.
Bug list fix

Fixed the potion timers from the new potions using the mixing stand.
Fixed the ghostscan cooldown problems.

November 20, 2017

Bob's Family

Bob's uncle also owns a farm. Hopefully you'll be able to cross paths with him soon.
Update this weekend

I'm completely swamped this week as it's my midterm evalution for end of bachelor's school project. I'll release a content update this weekend as I need to work on school stuff until thursday.
Bug fixed

Potion timers fixed.
Fixed the random mutes people were getting along with remvoving the 'mute history' on their accounts.
Obtaining a brewing scroll prior of finishing the quest has been fixed.

November 13, 2017

New quest

A new medium quest has been released.
New brewing concept + a new brewing trainable

A new item for brewing is now available. Opens up to more brewing xp and new potion effects
Brewing scrolls

Contains info on what potions to mix. There are only 4 available for now but more will come.
Stardust seed.

Tied with the new brewing content.
Combat drop tables.

Updated (forest + caves)
Cooking oven

No longer shows the logs if you don't have any.

November 11, 2017

Login page

Minor changes to layout
Login Backend Changes

Changed the login system completely.

November 5, 2017

Server connections in public areas

Players who were not able to play the game on public networks (such as schools, libraries, hospitals etc) should now be able to play.
A new server was purchased in order to allow this. The game now runs on port 80, a default port which most networks allow traffic to be sent on)
Halloween Event Ended

You may no longer purchase a mask and pumpkins and the seeds have been removed.
A small list of changes

Super heal now uses 600k stardust instead of 750k.
Bait pricing has been increased in the market.
Excavators and needles may now be deleted with a right click.
The needle has been moved to the equipements tab.
Bug fixes

The button 'Harvest & Replant' triggered by the achievement perk should no longer harvest fully grown crops but only replant the auto-grown ones.

October 30, 2017

Halloween Event

When the event ends on November 4th, all pumpkin seeds and pumpkins will be removed.
New Craftables

Needle: Can be used to revert soft armour back to its respective resource. (long overdue update)
Ancient Staff: This item will be quite useful given the player has hard combat achievements unlocked.
New tradables

Ancient logs, ancient tree seeds, cannon and ancient staff now sellable on the player market.

Now requires at least level 50 woodcutting to encounter.
Costs 1 million coins to hire instead of 100k.
Twice as less likely to show up.
Small changes

A search bar has been added when you 'look up a player' for easier access.
Halloween event extended to November 4th.
Hardcore players now have there icon set to default in chat when the account is created.
Hard accounts can now browse (only browse, not buy/sell) items on the market.
Bug fixes

Maple tree seeds should now you the right amount of bonemeal.

October 21, 2017

Update on a Saturday?

I feel like the recent updates have been I spent the day coding for an update today.
Halloween event.

The halloween event ends on November 1st. Good luck!
Magic page 4 - Empty orb

This spell has been released and also has been reduced from sacraficing 3 orbs to 2.
Ancient Tree Seeds

Now farmable.
New auto-yell message

Players who reach level 100 in a skill will be announced in chat.
Achievement where you need to cook a shark.

You may now get this achievement by 'auto' cooking a shark with the achievement perks.
Bug fixes

Fighting in the volcano with only a weapon has been hopefully fixed. I was not able to replicate the bug however I changed the backend of it.
The dark forest dialogue with bob has been fixed. (It was not working when a player had excactly level 75 combat.
Fixed a bug where players got the 15k energy achievement without actually spending 15k energy.
Fixed a display bug where the furnace would sometimes think you had the ores when you actually didn't.
Fixed the super heal level requirement label. (45 to 60)
You will no longer lose light mushrooms when trying to fight the dark forest without any arrows equiped.

October 16, 2017

New Tree

High level tree released. (shiny version too)
Cook's book

2 New recipes have been added.
Magic page 4

Magic page 4 released, 2/3 spells currently working.
Cook's book : fish stew

Now uses raw shrimp and sardine.
Magic combat spells (above hero)

Now ordered by category/color.

October 9, 2017

Cook's Book

Added new recipes and changed the way the book works.
3 new craftables

Boating dock, runite oven and furnace.
Bug fixes

Fixed the number of charged spells from undefined to N/A for magic spells that cannot be chaged.
Next update

There might be an update this week to add new magic spells.
Next update will also include a way to combine 3 orbs in order to make an empty one.

October 03, 2017

Future Updates

Update schedule will change. There should be more updates deployed on a weekly basis. When the schedule is official, I will release it. I'm doing my best to manage my time in terms of updates.

Can now be combined and used in combat.
3 new craftables

Cannon related.
Bug fixes

Some players had the light mushroom image broken, this has been fixed.
Fixed the achievement where you need to use 3 different types of arrows in combat
Combat Drop tables

Updated for the moon drop tables.
As always, I never release the droptables of the latest current highest mobs to not spoil anything.

September 27, 2017

Bug fixes

The harvest & replant button will now work if more than one plant has been instantly grown.
The tooltip for the oil on the top bar will be doubled from a green orb.
The achievement to spend 15k energy in one tick will now trigger if you find a gem goblin.
The dark forest now uses the right amount of energy.
The wiki link has been added to the home page and the updatelog link has been fixed.
You may now longer fight in the graveyard if your hero is on the rocket.

September 25, 2017


The cannon may be used to fight alongside with you in combat.
New tradables

Bones & Cannon parts
New Combat Area

Fully completed, loot bags also can be opened.
Magic page 4

These set of spells are to be released next patch and will really make magic worth while.
New Hard Combat Achievement Perk

Won't spoil, nothing too fancy.
Arrow Changes

Arrows are now set through the equipement tab.
Arrows now cost 1 bone instead of 2. (per arrow)
Green bow orb has been changed to save 50% of arrows fired.
Feather Changes

Feathers are now a 100% drop from all birds.
Light Mushrooms Graphical Changes

They have a cyan color now. You might need to refresh your cache to update these.
Bug fixes

Harvesting a tree should now show the correct title.
Skeleton is now an undead npc. (Scythe effect works on all skeletons now)

September 18, 2017

Big update next week

I've been working on a lot of different content at the same time and they are nearly done. Here's a teaser: One of many parts of the next update (next week) includes a craftable cannon which can be used in combat. Won't spoil the other stuff though.
Bug submissions

Bug submissions will be replied to in the next 12h.
New Combat Area

This area is quite complex, and it's not 100% done. A bit of content can be obtained from it though. It will be 100% complete in the next patch.
New Seed

A new seed has been released. Getting it requires a few actions.

In relation of the new combat area.

September 14, 2017

New Schedule

Hello guys! Just wanted to give you guys a little update on what's been happening. I just started my full time internship along with a 4 month end of bachelors project which are both followed by professonals in the software engineering field. I started my intership and the project this week and I have decided to set an official weekly day for Diamond Hunt updates. This will allow me to mange my time, and I'll be able to add new content and really test everything before release on mondays. I'll be working on Diamond Hunt everyday and hopefully will deliver awesome new content on a weekly basis.


September 06, 2017

Gem Goblin

Rarer than shiny monters. Goodluck!
A lumberjack

A lumberjack lures around certain trees. Maybe you'll cross paths and he can help you out.
Green maps from loot bags and boats

Like the regular map, you have a very small chance of finding green maps from loot bags or from boats.
Other tweaks

Green orbs now show up on the look up page.
Giant excavators now show up on the look up page.
Green maps, like the regular maps now have the notification.

September 06, 2017

What's next?

So I just got back from my trip, and I wanted to rework some of the backend of the system. This includes reworking the bot detector, the alt trading detector, and the network layer of the game. This may take a bit of time which will reduce the amount of content updates we will get. However, I'll do my best to release content as well as reworking the backend. After the backend is revamped, I'm going to re-read all the recent reddit posts which I've responded to (or not) to implement the tweaks and content some of you have suggested. The backend work should take around 8h, and I'm going to work on that today and tomorow. Thanks for understanding!
New, better looking sprites for some NPCs

Thanks to Zspitfire04, we have new sprites. He made a handful of fantastic looking images to replace exisiting NPCs aswell as new soon-to-come monsters.
Achievement Perk: Plants automatically growing addition

There is now a button to instantly harvest/replant the seed that has been triggered by this achievement.

Binding the green bonemeal orb now shows the correct image of the bonemeal bin.
Fixed the magic lables to become red if the player does not meet the requirements for the spell.

August 29, 2017

New Mineral

Found on mars using the rocket and a bound green rocket orb.
Green orbs

Green orbs have been released in the game and are tradable.
Green chests openable

Green chests have the same chance of getting a green orb than getting a blue orb from a normal chest.
Green chests also contain blue orbs, but are much rarer than green ones.
Normal Treasure Chest

They now have a very rare chance of giving green orbs. Good luck!

August 28, 2017

Green orbs to have no link with blue orbs.

The vote has been closed a while back and the results show that most players would want to see no link between blue/green/red orbs. What a close vote!
New Quest

A new quest has been released.
Green Treasure Chests

It is now possible to get green treasure chests (they have a higher chance of getting you green orbs.)
Green orbs are still being worked on, they will be released next patch. Collect them chests!
New craftable

A level 73 item has been released. I'm going to be adding new craftables inbetween the multiple of 5's. It will help fill in the gaps.
List of bug fixes

Sending your hero to space in the rocket will now increment the 'total rockets used' correctly.
Hard magic perks had some bugs when converting essence fragments, this has been fixed.
Changed the wording of some of the achievements to make them clearer.

August 23, 2017

Green & Red Orbs Vote

Going to let this vote go on for about 24h. The leading % will be the end choice. You can vote here:
Note: Some updates include green/red orb effects though are disabled until the release of the orbs.
Bonemeal Bin

Interface revamp which include all types of bonemeal sources.
3 New Potions

Like the stardust crystal potion, these potions provide permanent buffs.
Chisel effects buffed

Changed the machinery upgrade effects from the chisel. Click on the chisel to read them.
Giant excavator buff

For you 0.001% of players who have them, they now give 3x the promethium they used to give. (1/8k instead of 1/24k with one bound)
4 oaks/willow grown at the same time achievement changes.

The 4 oaks have been replaced with 2 oaks.
The 4 willows have been replaced with 3 willows.

I changed this because I didn't want players to feel like they needed the extra 2 donor patches to finish these achievements. Although they do help in many ways, this change should reduce the pay 2 win feel.

August 20, 2017 (part 2)

Market History

You may now see the last 10 actions done on the market.
Woodcutting Hard Achievement

Instanly growing a tree from your woodcutting perk will trigger the hard achievement to instantly grow a tree. The blue orb works too.
Growing 4 oaks/willow trees achievement

Shiny trees will also work for this achievement. (Example: 3 willow trees and 1 shiny willow tree.)
Preparing Dotted Sardines

Can be right clicked to instantly rub dotted leaves on them.

August 20, 2017

Achivements perks

They should are all functional now.
The chat icon for achievements have been removed for those who don't have the hard achievements completed.

Fixed a few achievements that were not completable.

August 18, 2017

RNG Achievements

Given that Diamond Hunt is quite a heavy RNG game, it's tough to not have achievements that are completely RNG free. Some of the new hard achievements DO contain some form of RNG but I'm trying to not go over the top with them. Hope you guys understand, and if you have any suggestions for alternative achievements or new elite achievements please submit them on reddit. I read every post.
Combat, Magic, Fishing and Cooking Achievements

You may now complete every hard achievement from every skill.
All perks for hard achievements are still none-functional. They are being worked on and will all be released next patch.
Treasure Chest Buff

Promethium ores and promethium bars have been added to pirate chests. The amount obtained scales based on your mining level.
Stardust Logs added to the chest.
Essence logs added to the chest.
Achievement Tweaks

The hard crafting achievements where you need to craft a total of 'x' bars have been reduced by half.
The hard mining achievement no longer requires you to use 5 diamonds with the chisel.
The oxygen potion achievement has been fixed, the counter will start as of now.
Hard Achievement Bugs

Fixed a few achievements that were not completable.

August 15, 2017

Mining, Crafting, Woodcutting, Farming and Brewing Achievements

Perks are displayed but are not working ATM - they will be coded next patch.
Combat, Magic, Fishing and Cooking achievements will be ready next patch wit perks
Giant excavators

Reduced the cost of promethium bars from 1000 to 500.

August 15, 2017

Hard achievements

About 60% done - they will be released in the next patch or the one after that.
Shiny Trees

Just like combat, you have a very rare chance of a shiny tree to start growing. (example: Shiny stardust tree.)
New Potion

A high level potion was released.
New Mining Machinery

Along with runite ore. Runite ore is very very rare and is considered end game content.
New oil storage

Hold up to 8 million oil.
Bug fixes

Fixed the popup in the tombs. Using your keys should now act normally.

August 12, 2017

The market - My thoughts

I want to spend a good part of this week to revisit the market. I'm looking into changing the way the price limits work. I'm also going to be improving the alt trading detection. I'd also like to implement some kind of system where you can see graphs or averages of items being traded and perhaps have a kind of history that players could browse - just a thought.

Exams are over so we will have more frequent updates.
Promethium Armour

Craftable using moulds only.
Bug fixes

Bone amulet now works on moon bones.
Fixed a display bug with the foundry - clicking the essence logs and switching to another log will remove the red background around the essence log.
Casting other spells will not trigger the cooldown for ghost scan given you have the medium magic perks.
Fixed a bug where players were stuck in the tombs after dieing to the first enemy. You can reset your tombs by using your keys even if you have none.
The upgrade gem button from the chisel has been removed given you have a diamond already socketed.

August 1, 2017

Lookup Player

Achievements are now shown when you lookup a player.
Bug fixes

Woodcutting timers no longer freeze.
The medium woodcuting perks (+5 logs) will now be shown when you click your axe.
Combat notification will be turned off when your hero is on the rocket
Crystal Seed Achievement

Finding a crystal seed in a chest will also trigger this achievement.
New Medium Magic Achievement Perk

Added a new magic achievement perk.

Changed the description on the notifactions achievement toggle.

The graveyard now requires ghost scan to hit the enemies.

July 29, 2017

Faradox's Crystal

Fight a series of enemies in a row to increase your chances of getting more loot from the chest.
Moon loot bags openable

Good luck!
Scythe buff

The scythe now has a 100% increased in damage to all undead creatures. It also ignores 50% of undead's defence.

New tradables

You make now toggle on/off the popup when one of your achievement perk triggers.

July 29, 2017


Were getting closer to Faradox

EDIT 2: We had harddrive failures which caused the save files to be corrupted, the rollback has been re-executed. The issue has been fixed, everything is working as intended.

July 28, 2017 (PART 2)

The rollback.

Hello guys, so this is the first time DH2 had to execute a major roleback. 4H of progress was lost for everyone who was logged in after the update of today. This is the story; and usually with bugs like this I can fix them really quickly, but this time was different. If you're interested, keep reading, if not read the TL;DR. So after the update today, I ran all tests and everything seemed fine. I decide to leave the house to go downtown with my GF to a festival (just for laughs). I order a drink, it's 2:30 PM at this point (2h after the update went live). I get a message from my brother with the title 'BIG BUG'. I see his post and I realize players are able to create stardust from nothing using the rocket. I'm with my gf and tell her we gotta go. She understands and we throw our drink out and get back in our car to fight traffic to my school (which was the closest place i could get to a computer). I knew there was a bug 2H in, but I had to fight traffic to get to my university which took a long time. Anyways, I wanted to take the time to explain to you the situation. This is the first actually 'dupe' bug we had in the game. I take this stuff very seriously and will always stop whatever I'm doing to fix these kinds of things straight away. I had to roll back. There was already hundreds of millions of stardust created from bug abuse that was generated out of thin air, and for the sake of the economy the roll back was a must.

Sorry for the legit players who had to lose progress or items because of this - I had to do it, for the better of the game/economy. I will do my best to prevent such bugs in the future and improve my tests so we don't run into this problem again. Thanks for those who understand.

TL;DR: A bug was found after the update today which allowed players to create stardust from thin air. This was abused and over 100M stardust was created. Rollbacks were executed and were necessary to conserve the economy.

July 28, 2017

Content update tomorow.

Just to let you know.

Would you like to see moonstone tradable in the market place? (75% or more to pass)
WIKI link

A Wiki link has been added to the top bar.
Thank you to: Ktnn, A Fandom User for all your hard work. Contact me for a free month (15) of donor coins.
Ghost Loot

Bait from ghost loot bags have been buffed from 1 - 5 to 1 - 15.
Ghost Scan

Refreshing/lagging out after using ghost scan will remember your cast.
Achievement: Find a crystal seed.

Striped crystal seeds are now also considered a 'crystal seed' which will trigger this achievement.
Bug Fixes

Using the bow on the moon should work correctly now.
Fixed a bug where changing the wind from none to very high didn't work.
Northern fields is cold again.
Spells that are instant and don't have a charge have a N/A label.
Fixed the beam spell where the charge wasn't showing. (Display bug)

July 18, 2017

Magic Page 3 with Spells

I won't spoil it where to find it, but it requires a high level in a specific skill. Players have also 'visited' the area before.
Bug fixes

The 4 oak trees achievement has been fixed.
Fixed the achievement where you need to have a total of 500 oak logs.
The XP gained from automatically cooking a fish when caught has been adjusted to give the correct cooking xp.
Futur Achievements

As suggested on reddit, it seems like a lot of you guys don't enjoy RNG based achievement. (Which I completely understand). I will try to keep stay away from pure RNG based achievements, however this game has a lot of RNG in it so it might be tough.
Achievement Changes

You no longer need to stay logged in to complete "Teleport out of combat twice in the same day." as some people have an unstable connections and server restarts interrupt this aswell.
Achievements where you need to find something (example: finding a crystal seed) can now be triggered by your workers.
Market Price Limits

All blue orbs, scythe and ghost amulet has had their limits changed.
Achievement Easy Woodcutting Perk

The perk "gain 5% more stardust from stardust potions" now applies to the stargem potions.

July 14, 2017

Shiny/Gold Enemies

From now on, you have a very rare chance of encountering a 'shiny' version of any enemy. Every single monster has its own 'shiny' version. They also have the same stats but give a much more generous loot bags for you to open.
Combat drop tables have been updated here

The loot bags for the moon npcs are still not openable. They will be ready next patch.
3 First Crafting Medium Achievements Reductions

Converting 1k bronze, iron and silver bars needed quite a bit of stardust. This seemed a little out of balance, and the amount of bars needed are now 300 instead.
Keeping track of Achievements

You may now see totals for certain achievements right next to them.

July 13, 2017

Medium Achievement & Perks

All medium achievements are now released along with their respective perks.
Note: In the next patch, you will be able to see your progress on achievements. For example: Collect a total of 'x' item will have a tooltip with your current total collected so far.
Note 2: I have not been tracking everything. (For example, total potions made.) This means achievements to collect a total of 'x' may (or not) have a counter starting as of today.
Magic Tooltips

Changed the cooldown time timer's format.
The number of charges will now be displayed.

Stranger leaves are now tradable.
All orb price limits increased.

July 12, 2017

A message from the DEV

I'd like to take the time to apologies for the lack of updates. I've been dealing with IRL stuff and I feel like I owe you guys so many more updates. Having a 12 day gap with no content is not what I like to see. There are also quite a few bugs I want to fix. I'm finally starting to find more time to work on DH. I'm going to do my best and try to release many more updates and chat more with you guys to get some feedback in terms of quality of life updates and more content ideas.

Hope you understand! Talk to you all soon.
Achievement Book Pricing

The achievement's book now requires 5 quest points instead of 10 to purchase.
Moon Monsters

It is now possible to send your hero to the moon to fight.
Medium Achievements/Perks for Mining and Crafting

The other medium achievements will be released next patch. (in 2 days)

July 1, 2017

Collecting Moonstone Ratios (Buff)

You will now get more moonstone from the moon if your mining level is higher than lower.
Blue Oil Pipe Orb

Forgot to mention last patch that the oil pipe orb no longer gives double the oil but a flat 100 instead.
Rocket Notification

Now has two seperate notifications. One when the rocket is ready to be launched, and one when the rocket is on the moon and is ready to be looted.
Sail Boat

The wind will now be displayed on the boat without the need to click on it.
Promethium bars sell price

It made no sense that the bar version of promethium was cheaper when sold to shops. It has been raised from 500 gold to 5000 gold when sold.
Bug fixes

Fixed a few typos.
Fixed a bug with some notifcations not showing when they should.

June 30, 2017

Achievement Perks

Easy achievement perks have been released.

Can be crafted into armour and also has a use when the full set is worn.
New potion

In relation with moonstone armour.
Stranger leaf.

A rarer version of the well known strange leaf. It is obtained in similar ways.
Woodcutting Achievement Fix

The tree seed achievement under the woodcutting skill has been fixed and is now unlockable.
Farming Achievement Change

The farming achievement "Have 6 red mushrooms ready to be harvested at the same time" has been changed to "Have 4 red mushrooms ready to be harvested at the same time". I do not want content to be locked behind real money.

June 24, 2017


Visit the shop to start completing achievements.
Stats page

Added boats to the stats page.
Steam Boat Cost

Increased charcoal needed from 100 to 300.
Reduced the number of bait needed from 80 down to 60

I realize moonstone has been released for quite a while now and still has no use. Keep collecting them as they will finally be useful in the next patch or the one after that.

June 20, 2017

Essence Wand

It's now possible to upgrade from a stardust wand into an essence wand.
Blue shovel orb changes.

The blue shovel orb was under powered and has been changed. It now slowly collects bait overtime instead of converting sand to glass automatically.
Note: I realize it would make sense to also get bait from the farming skill, however I don't want to make it too easy for players to get bait, so I have no intentions of adding it with the farming skill.
Market Refresh

Buying an item on the market will no longer close the list of items that was browsed previously.
Confirm Screen when Upgrading Chisel

I got a few bug submissions where people miss clicked the 'upgrade chisel' button. A confirmation screen has been added to solve this problem.
The upgrade button will also be removed given the fact that your chisel is already upgraded to the highest tier.
Bug fixes

Going into the equipement/spells tabs will no longer cause the combat cooldown timer to freeze.
Diamond Hunt donates to a highschool robotique team - thanks to donators

I wanted to share a little story. A highschool near my hometown has a team where they compete in programming robots to do cool things. They had a competition Canada wide and took the third place. They have been qualified to go to an international tournament where they compete against other teams all around the world. I'm proud to announce that a small portion of your donations have been given to this team to support them. 100$ of donor money has been donated to the robotic team to pay for travel expenses, food, hotels etc. If you want to know more, you may read the article here (in french). Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me with Diamond Hunt. I still have a lot of plans in terms of adding new content to the game. Hopefully you'll be around to enjoy it! Thanks again guys!

I'm currently in the middle of moving

Updates have been on the down low lately because I was moving. I'm just about done unpacking - as soon as I'm done I'm going to get right back on DH with more frequent content updates and bug fixes. I hope you guys understand, thanks.

June 12, 2017

Update log tags

Tags will now be added next to update sections to categorise the type of update.

June 10, 2017

Boat changes

Boats no longer require a fishing level to use.
Using a better boat requires you to have used the previous boat at least 10 times. (Note: This has been tracked all along, so crafting the new boat will be usable for those who used the canoe at least 10 times)
Getting fish from boats now gives the appropriate fishing XP.
Two New Craftables

Hope you have wood!
Sail boat - New Boat Mechanics

This boat will has better performance when the wind levels are high. Wind levels are the same for every player and can change at any moment.
Steam Boat

This boat requires charcoal to run. (As well as fishing bait)
Fishing Bait Tradable

Fishing bait has been made tradable.

June 6, 2017

Bug/Other fixes

Moved bait from the combat to energy tab (for those who have the tab activated).
Moved combat loot tables book into combat tab (for those who have the tab activated).
Raised prices on most orbs in the market.
Brewing Potion Tooltips

The duration of the potion now takes your brewing level into account.
Oil Barrels - open more at a time

You may now open multiple oil barrels at a time. It will also autofill the amount of barrels needed to open without going over the oil cap.
Mansion loot

For you small number of players who have loot bags from the mansion, they have been coded and may be opened.
The 'lookup player' page now shows mansion kill counts.

May 30, 2017


Seems like the server went down. (The server computer turned off for some reason) I contacted the hosting company and they fixed the issue. Sorry for the downtime.

May 29, 2017

Magic - "Sometimes more than one spell goes on cooldown"

I get a lot of bug submissions about spells going into cooldown when not casted. I forgot to mention that some magic spells share the same cooldown. You can see which spells share the same cooldown based on the background color of that spell. (For example. pound, gust and bubble all share the same cooldown. This means you cannot cast them all one after another.)
New Profile& Settings Options

Shorter Tabs: Removes the text beside icons on tabs to save space
Seperate Combat Tab in Two: Splits the combat tab into 2 seperate tabs
Chat Box Links: Ability to click links in chat.
2 New craftables

Promethium Furnace & Oven
Combat - choosing an area now shows if you have enough energy to fight for that area

Quality of Life
Bug fixes

Went through the bug submissions to fix them.
  • You may now cast ghost scan before the combat starts.
  • Cancel timers have been fixed for the market - you may not cancel an item for up to 1 min after it has been posted.
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes had to login twice
  • Commas have been added in the hiscores table in game (on xp)
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the game would think you have a bow equiped when you don't
  • Chisel had little lines in the background - they have been removed. (requires ctl + f5 refresh)

May 24, 2017 (Part 2)

New Quest

Good luck on this one!
Fixed hiscore green highlight & click to lookup

I forgot to add these functionalities when I made the backend changes to hiscores.
Note that hiscores now only update every 10 minutes instead of instantly on refresh - this has been changed to reduce the server load when the server restarts and 500 + people are connecting.
New treasure map and rocket notifications.

A notification will be displayed similar to potions when a treasure map is obtained or when the rocket lands on the moon.
Different Timers Format

Changed the timers format to make them more accurate
Chat - Faster PM's and quicker lookups

You may now left click a username in the chat box to instantly send a personal message.
You may now right click a username in the chat box to instantly open a new page which looks up the user on the hiscores. (I also added the time played to the page - suggestion from osmans)
Bug fixes with the bug form Ohh the irony

Fixed a bug where sometimes clicking the 'x' button on the top right of your bug posts wouldn't close.
Fixed a bug where sometimes there would be a popup saying your bug has been reviewed when it has already been reviewed previously.
A big thanks to all of you who used the bug submission system with honesty.

May 24, 2017

Backend update part 1 - less bottle necks, smoother logins

The goal of reworking the core of the backend engine is to improve performance and the response time of the overall game. In this case, the login system and the in-game hiscores have been reworked to imporve performance. It should reduce the bottle necks we've been having on server restarts. On top of that, connecting to the game should be faster.

May 23, 2017

Every Brewing Levels Counts!

You potion timers will last a little longer the higher your brewing level is.
(Up to 20% longer at level 100 brewing)
Every Woodcutting Levels Counts!

You will now gain more logs from any given tree based on your woodcutting level.
You will gain anywhere between 1 to woodcutting level/10 more logs.
Bug Fixes

Went through the bug submissions.
Most of the bugs were fixed - including the rocket sometimes not taking off.
New Tree

Requires level 85 woodcutting and has a 1/35 chance of growing.

May 18, 2017

Chisel changes

I decided to scrap the idea of gem tips and completely changed the function of the chisel. It is now used to upgrade machinery.
Bug fixes

Went through bug reports and fixed most of the bugs.
More Magic XP!

Extracting power from an essence will now grant you magic xp based on the type of element that was extracted.

May 16, 2017

New login system

I've taken some time these past few days to rework the login system in terms of the backend. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with content but it should fix login bottle necks on server restarts.
Clan chats - current thoughts

As some of you know, I've been working a system where players can create group/clan chats and invite friends to join. (Like a chat room) However, I'm not sure if I want this in the game - I need your opinion.

I know private chatrooms sound good, but I have a feeling this will make the general chat more dead. I don't want to split the community into small groups. The chat is a great tool for new players to ask questions and get an answer quickly, having chat rooms might make the general chat not as active as it used to be. I'm still open on adding this update, but I'd like some input from you guys about this concern so I made a thread on reddit here
Pirates Refunds

I didn't forget about you guys. Those who purchased pirates before the price was significantly reduced will be refunded sometime this week. So don't be suprised if your cash goes up by a few million gold. If you don't get your refund by May 19th, send in a bug report.

May 13, 2017

Buffed Cooks Book

The new recipes in the cooks book were a little weak. They now give more energy and the salad uses less green leaves.
New socketable: Trowel

The trowel is now a reward from Bobette the Gardener - those who completed the quest prior to this update can go get it by clicking on the quest.
Combat Interface

The dialogue where you select an area to fight has been adjusted to fit on screen.
Blue Trowel Orb

Now obtainable in chests & tradable
Scythe and Ghost Amulet Price Range

The price range in the market has been increased as these are rare items.

May 11, 2017

New Quest

Bob's wife is getting lonely.
Cooks book

New recipes have been added to the cooks book - they are all functional and all the ingredients can be obtained.
Woodcutting Donor Expire Changes

Trees will continue to grow and will be harvestable even if your perk for the extra woodcutting patches expire.
Combat drop tables have been corrected here

The magic page 2 was never a 100% drop and indeed the lizard holding the bow does drop it.

May 8, 2017

New Combat Area

A new combat area has been added to the game.
The combat drop tables here will be updated later tonight.
Server now saves fighting state.

Refreshing or losing connection will no longer make you lose a fight. You will continue fighting the next time you login.
New Spell & Magic XP when casting spells

A new spell has been released.
You will now gain magic XP when casting spells in combat.

The time for workers to return now scales based on how many workers you send.
Account PIN - 14 days of testing

For the next 14 days starting today, you can remove your pin without the 7 day cooldown.

As of May 22nd, you will have to wait a full seven days to remove a pin from an account.

May 5, 2017

New Update Log

Nothing too fancy but it's better to look at than a .txt.
The old update log is still accesible here.
Market bug fix

Fixed a bug where players were unable to post an item on the market because it was already posted when in reality it was not.
Read and fixed most of the bugs from the bug submission form.
Account PIN

You can now add a 4-digit PIN to your account.

The plans for the content update today has changed yet again. Every couple weeks I get an email or a pm saying 'my account got hacked'. It breaks my heart to see some players lose items/accounts after so much work has gone into them. I decided to take the time to add a second layer of security - for those who want it.